About Online Swapping Communities

At Swapcycle we offer a chance for people to swap their belongings. The reason why this is so popular is because it’s cheap, environmentally friendly and it’s a great way of meeting people in your area.

Cheap – Especially in the current economic climate, everyone is trying to make a saving. And if someone has something that’s not broken but they don’t want it anymore, then why not swap? How many perfectly good things are cluttering up your kitchen cupboards? How much is hidden in that space under the stairs that you just haven’t bothered to send to a charity shop? It makes perfect sense to swap like this.

Environmentally friendly – production of any item has a huge impact on the environment so if you have a printer, kettle or bedside table which you no longer need, what’s the point in someone else buying a brand new one which has to be made when they could take if off your hands for free?

Place an add – If you don’t wish to swap but want to place an adveandrtisement on this website, then pleas click here where adverts are placed onto a site where people can find cars, jobs and bargains.


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About online swapping communities
Recycle and Swap is an online swapping community where you can exchange unwanted items for something similarly undervalued by someone else. Everybody wins!